Sunday, May 29, 2022

Nine Great Comic Book Artists from Silver/Bronze Age eras

 I saw this on Facebook and had to save it for posterity...

These are the artists of my formative years as a comic book fan, from 1969 to 1979. I shared this in the Jim Aparo Facebook group and people really went crazy for it. I am not sure who did the portraits, was it Alex Ross? I was very happy indeed to see Jim Aparo on this list, I loved his Batman in Brave and the Bold, and also his depictions of the Spectre and the Phantom Stranger.

Each of these creators are depicted with their most famous creations. Curt Swan may have drawn the first comic I had ever read - I was crazy about Superman as a kid and picked up Action Comics after seeing the Superman cartoon show. Neal Adams was not only famous for Batman but he was drawing tons of DC Comics covers, especially on Superman/Action Comics. Gil Kane was drawing Green Lantern for years, but I especially remembered seeing his covers on it when Donovan's Sunshine Superman was playing on the radio. And of course, I knew Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko from Marvel Comics, more so from the reprint comics that had early Fantastic Four and Spider-Man tales. John Buscema I knew from the FF and Conan. Joe Kubert was more of an acquired tasted as a young kid, but I got into him when DC took over the Tarzan license.

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