Monday, August 2, 2010

Jim Lee's Legion of Super-Heroes Covers Showcase the Eras of the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s

The new Legion of Super-Heroes series has been a lot of fun, especially for the old geeks who read Paul Levitz' original run.  I've been collecting all the variant covers by Jim Lee.  Each cover spotlights a different character from a specific era of the Legion.

Legion of Super-Heroes 2 variant cover by Jim Lee, 1960s style

Legion of Super-Heroes #2 featured Superboy and Krypto during the 1950s era.  It didn't occur to me that the Legion was older than myself, but they first premiered in a 1958 issue of Adventure Comics, #247.  The inverted spaceship that was the Legion's first headquarters is a riot.  The boy of steel appears to be having the adventure of a lifetime.

Legion of Super-Heroes 3 variant cover by Jim Lee, 1960s style

Issue #3 has the 1960's era, with Chameleon Boy shifting into the guise of Validus.  I'm not a total Legion expert.  At first glance I thought this was an 80s cover, but Jim Lee twittered on July 29th:

Had Superboy for 50s cvr, Chameleon Boy for 60s, Saturn Girl for 70s. Just did Mon-el in his "5 years later" Giffen costume for 90s

Legion of Super-Heroes 1 variant cover by Jim Lee, 1970s style

Now I am well acquainted with this groovy 70s era cover for issue #1!  Saturn Chick in this go-go swimsuit costume (love the planet ring buckle on her belly) was totally outasite.  One of my favorite costumes for any super gal ever created, designed by Dave Cockrum.  Why did it ever go away?

The spaceship, which Cockrum also designed, was a nod to the starship Enterprise.

Legion of Super-Heroes 1 2nd print cover by Jim Lee, 1970s style

The second printing cover was a sketch/pencil drawing of the ultra cool Saturn Girl.  The one thing I dislike about the new series is Saturn Girl's current look with the short hair.  That's just repulsive.  Imra's hair should be longer and luxurious.  Can we have the 70s Saturn Girl back? 

Jim Lee has been asking for input on the 80s themed cover.  It has to be Dawnstar, don't you agree? Nuff Said!

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