Monday, August 16, 2010

Jim Steranko Knows The Shadow: Two Paintings from MediaScene in 1975

Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men?  The Shadow Knows.  And who knows the Shadow?  Jim Steranko!

In the 1970s, a lot of material from the pulp magazines were re-published as paperback books.  Conan and Doc Savage were the two most popular pulp heroes that found a new audience.  The Shadow followed, with a paperback series that featured some great Steranko covers.

The Shadow MediaScene 14 1975 cover by Steranko
You can find some of those Steranko covers on the Internet, but I will wager that many people haven't seen this fantastic Shadow cover from MediaScene #14.  Published by Steranko's SuperGraphics company in 1975, this issue was chock full of Shadow news and features.

The Shadow Secret Society poster by Steranko 1975 MediaScene 14

The biggest news was a new fan club that Steranko announced, The Shadow Secret Society.  Similar to the fan club for Marvel (FOOM) that Steranko also launched, the SSS membership kit included an illustrated envelope, a pin, a membership card, newsletter, etc.  Looking back, I don't think any of that stuff was as exciting as these two paintings that Steranko produced for MediaScene.

Steranko's enthusiasm for the pulp magazines infected everyone who read his great History of Comics.  He made the connection between the pulps and the birth of comics, and introduced a new generation to Doc Savage, The Avenger, The Spider, etc.  Nuff Said!


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