Thursday, January 13, 2011

Amazing Heroes: Post-Crisis Batman Year-One Cover by David Mazzucchelli

Amazing Heroes 102 cover by David Mazzucchelli for Batman Year One, 1986

The DC Heroes were rebooted in the order of their original birth: Superman was the first one (rebooted by John Byrne), Batman was the second, and Wonder Woman was the third.  While Batman didn’t really get a reboot like the other 2 heroes, he did get a fresh new beginning with Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli’s Batman Year: One.  Amazing Heroes #102 whetted our appetite for this series with this simple but effective cover by Mazzucchelli.

Batman Year One ad from Amazing Heroes 1986

A DC Comics ad for the mini-series (within Batman’s regular title) got us stoked even more.  How could we not be?  This creative team did a stellar job on Daredevil, and Miller’s Dark Knight series was still fresh in our collective memories.  The 4-part story that appeared in Batman #404-407 was of course, just superb in every way.

But of all the DC Post-Crisis reboots, Batman’s was the most flawed.  Who could follow a team like Miller and Mazzucchelli?  The main title suffered with issue #408, titled Batman: The New Adventures, which featured Batman pretty much operating as if the Crisis hadn’t happened.  Jason Todd was introduced that issue as well.  Not any fault of the creators involved, but it just wasn’t the right direction for Batman.  Readers wanted more of the Frank Miller Batman.  I found myself wishing that they just used Year One as a starting point and go on from there, as DC was already doing with Superman and Wonder Woman.  Nuff Said!

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