Saturday, January 5, 2019

Art Jam: Will Eisner, George Perez and Sergio Aragones!

From a George Perez FB group: an unlikely jam piece by George Perez (Starfire), Sergio Aragones (Groo & little people), and Will Eisner (The Spirit) in 1985!

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Justice League Unlimited: Dark Heart

Ever since signing up for the DC Universe streaming service, I've been doing a rewatch of both Justice League animated series, the original and Unlimited. I've been making screencaps and gifs of my favorites scenes.

The 10th episode of Unlimited, Dark Heart, was written by Warren Ellis. It bears all of his trademarks:

  • A fascination with technology and science fiction - in this case, alien nano tech.
  • A simple way of explaining the threat: the entire planet about to overrun by nano bots!
  • A clever way of turning a relatively obscure/unused character into a hero who can deal with this problem: Ray Palmer, The Atom.
  • A good deal of light hearted humor.

Wonder Woman kicks a lot of ass in this episode. She's aggressive in fighting off the bots and transporting Ray Palmer to the ship containing the "Dark Heart" of the bots. At first she carries The Atom in her hand and then transfers him to a location any fan would love (she needs to punch things without damaging him).

In addition to the usual Justice League team, many other second and third tier DC Universe characters show up. One of my favorites has always been the Western character Vigilante. This singing cowboy crimefighter traded in a horse for a cycle and that appears here.

The very last scene has the camera pull back so you can see the wide array of DC Comics characters assembled on this team. The Shining Knight, Blue Devil, Vixen, Doc Midnight, Wildcat and many other characters. Even Aztek who was around during the Grant Morrison JLA era.

Nuff Said!

Friday, November 9, 2018

Superman by Chris Samnee

Beautifully executed drawing of Superman by Chris Samnee in 2013, love the colors and perspective here...

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Saturday, October 27, 2018

The Joker by Brian Bolland

A nice illustration of The Joker, circa 1985, by Brian Bolland...

He did it for Joe Orlando. What a great piece of classic Batman art to own! Nuff Said.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

DC Comics Logos 1940 to 2016

I saw this recently on Twitter: an image that depicts the various DC Comics logos used by the company from 1940 up until the current day.

Which was your favorite and/or least favorite?

I have fond memories of the 1949 logo that was still on the first comics I bought during the late 1960s. From 1941 to 1972, DC as a brand was associated with Superman, the most iconic superhero character in the world at that time.

The 1976 bullet logo was a classic, designed by Milton Glaser, used for nearly 30 years. It looked great everywhere, especially on Dollar Comics! I think this is just as good and iconic as the Coca Cola logo. I wonder why any company would abandon it.

Glaser designed many other iconic images, including the "I Love New York" campaign, the Hope poster for Obama, a Bob Dylan poster, etc. This particular image is still iconic and found on merchandise everywhere, from coffee mugs to t-shirts.

The most short lived icon was the 2012 one with the D being a comic book page flipped over, I don't think that was recognizable to the public as an icon alone so they had to put the words "DC Comics" underneath. It was reviled by comics fans. I recall that DC paid a lot of money to have this logo designed, they thought the animation was cool.

The current 2016 logo brings back memories of the 1972 and 1976 logos. It was first used on the DC Universe Rebirth 1 special, as a way to re-brand themselves and bring back fans who were lost during the New 52 years.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Action Comics 419 Cover by Neal Adams: Superman streaking into the sky! (Updated Oct 2017)

I am a Neal Adams fan as I am sure many of you are. I love his Superman covers, he did dozens from the late 60s to the early 70s. My favorite cover is a 100 page Super Spectacular that I wrote about here, but a close second is this Action Comics cover.


Action Comics 419, drawn by Neal Adams, inked by Murphy Anderson, and some collage work by Jack Adler using a real photo. It's a super (pun intended) cover showcasing the classic Man of Steel. The image of Superman has been lifted off this cover and used in all kinds of merchandising. I believe this issue of Action Comics is the first one edited by Julius Schwartz, who took over from Murray Boltinoff.

Update October 2017: I met Adams at a con 2 months ago & asked him about this cover. He said Jack Adler did not provide the photo background, it was Adams himself who did the collage. Also he didn’t really like Murphy Anderson’s inks, too slick in his opinion.

Action Comics 419 original art

Here is the original art to the cover with notes to the letterer about the cover blurbs below. One interesting thing about this original art is that it is now owned by David Mandel, a veteran writer in Hollywood who has worked on Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Veep and many other shows. He owns many other classic original art covers from the Bronze Age as well as this one.


In addition to a new editor, the letter column header also changed, showing Clark Kent changing into Superman through a phone booth (remember those?) at super speed!

How many times have you seen the image of Superman from Action Comics 419 used in merchandise? Cups? Books? I would love to know. Please leave a comment if you had ever seen this elsewhere.

New Action Comics 419 cover redone by Neal Adams

Update October 2017: At the convention where I met Neal Adams, he had a huge booth with posters for sale, including this new take on the Action Comics cover, pencilled and inked by Adams. The city scape below is also redone.

Nuff Said!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Superman and Batman by Gary Frank

Gary Frank is making a big splash this year with the publication of The Doomsday Clock in late November. Here are some illustrations of the World's Finest team...

Superman by Gary Frank

Superman, which is the classic version with the underpants on the outside of the costume!

Batman by Gary Frank

Batman, more like the Miller Dark Knight version with the barrel chest and thick utility belt.

Batman and Catwoman by Gary Frank

Batman and Catwoman together...since they are due to be married?

Nuff Said!

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