Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Will the real Captain Marvel please stand up?

Marvel's Captain Marvel (created in 1967) gets released on March 8th. DC Comics' Captain Marvel (created in 1939), aka Shazam, gets released on April 5th.

There is a history behind the original Big Red Cheese Captain Marvel and how Marvel Comics was able to attain the trademark in the 1960s which is explained well on MentalFloss. How ironic that both characters have movies made at the same time. Someone in the know put these two movie posters together inside a theater.

John Trumbull, a writer of comics history for Two Morrows, created this gag cover showing the various versions of Captain Marvel, which is hysterical! You've got the Big Red Cheese facing the four Marvel characters who had the name. Carol Danvers is wearing her Dave Cockrum designed costume which Brie Larson is glad she did not have to wear in the movie. There's the original Mar-Vell in both his costumes and Photon / Monica Rambeau as well.

Nuff Said!


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