Friday, March 18, 2011

Gabriel Hardman Gallery of Weird DC Comics Heroes

Dr Fate by Gabriel Hardman

I’m enthusiastic about the Hulk series that Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman are doing.  The latest Hulk 30.1 starts off a new arc introducing a new rogues gallery for the Red Hulk and it is terrific.  Hardman has a nice DeviantArt page where he shares a number of black and white illustrations, I picked out a number of them featuring some weird DC Comics heroes.  No one can be weirder than Doctor Fate, especially the Kent Nelson version.

Golden Age Sandman by Gabriel Hardman

Golden Age Sandman is another character from the 1940s who always gave me…nightmares.  Hardman is really good at drawing characters in atmospheric settings, he is a natural for a character like Sandman, who dwells in smoke and shadows.

The Creeper by Gabriel Hardman

Steve Ditko’s the Creeper is one of those weird gems no one has ever been figure out how to use in the DC Universe.  Ditko could portray madness and Hardman does a nice take on this character.

Sword of the Atom by Gabriel Hardman

A while ago I took a look back at Gil Kane’s Sword of the Atom.  Hardman clearly loves this version of the character, too.  Talk about crazy—you shrink down to microscopic size and start fighting alongside a babe in a bikini! 

Swamp Thing by Gabriel Hardman

Swamp Thing rumbles through the bayou in this illustration.  Looking at this, I don’t think of the comics as much as it makes me recall the late great Dick Durlock.  I wonder if Hardman had this in mind as well?

john constantine  by Gabriel Hardman

Finally, that bastard magician John Constantine takes a smoke while turning around various schemes in his mind.  Hardman put up a note about his recent Emerald City Con appearance, where he charged $75 for a fully inked 9x12 single character sketch.  That is a steal, I’m envious of anyone lucky enough to get one.  Nuff Said!

Source: Heathencomics on DeviantArt.

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