Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dark Phoenix meets the Black Queen by John Byrne

Dark Phoenix meets Black Queen by John Byrne and Scott Williams

Here is a great little pinup I found on Scott Williams Deviant Art page, a John Byrne pinup that he inked, featuring Jean Grey in two evil (and kinky) alter egos: Dark Phoenix and Black Queen.  I never thought of these two personalities having so much in common before but it’s obvious.  Of course, the Queen has much better fashion sense.

Black Queen Jean Grey by John Byrne

Byrne did another pinup featuring the Black Queen in the 1980s, for a Pretty Girls Portfolio.  Tim Townsend had a great scan of this on on ComicArtFans.

If you need more Black Queen on this St. Patrick’s Day, check out Mike Mayhew’s Black Queen on Giant-Size Marvel.  Nuff Said!

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