Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Superboy and Legion of Super-Heroes by Neal Adams

A post we featured last week focused on Neal Adams Superman 252 "Flying Heroes" cover.  This cover to a Legion of Super-Heroes collection (1050 Years in the Future) is a spiritual successor to that earlier one.

Superboy and Legion of Super-Heroes cover by Neal Adams

Superboy, leading his friends off into an intergalactic horizon.  But wait, what era is this Legion from?  Saturn Girl is wearing her 1970s costume; this isn't a recent drawing.  Like the Superman cover, we can view this in a different form.

Legion of Super-Heroes by Neal Adams from DC Calendar 1976

The Legion hardcover image was photo shopped from the DC Calendar 1976, where many of the images were produced by Adams and Dick Giordano.  The original is much more pleasing and there are many more Legionnaires in their Dave Cockrum designed costumes.  Too bad Neal Adams never drew a full length Legion story.  Nuff Said!

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