Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The IT Crowd Season 4: Dungeons & Dragons, Star Trek, and Vista Bombs

The IT Crowd is my favorite television comedy at the moment.  It just finished Season 4 in Britain and the episodes are starting their United States run on the IFC channel.  As you can imagine, the IT Crowd is about a couple of information technology geeks (Roy and Moss), who work in a highly dysfunctional company called Reynholm Industries.  Their manager, Jen, is utterly clueless about technology and doesn't even know what IT stands for.

The first episode has a classic scene centered around Dungeons and Dragons, with Moss the Dungeon Keeper playing a female role.  If you've ever played D&D you will cry tears watching that scene. 

Here are some clips from later episodes to whet your appetite...

Douglas Reynholm is the second head of the company, and in the last episode of season 4, he is in a divorce trial.  His soon ex-wife to be unearths this very elaborate Star Trek style sex-tape.  This is safe for work, so don't worry.

I generally thought that most of IT Crowd Season 4 was hilarious, but there was something lacking about the last episode.  Roy and Moss were hardly featured in that episode to concentrate on Douglas Reynholm, who is a riot, but perhaps better in a supporting role.  The Star Trek parody above was funny as well as another moment that featured the return of Richmond the Goth.

An earlier episode featured Roy and Moss playing hooky and encountering a bomb disarming robot which has technical issues, due to Microsoft's infamous OS.  You can check out other IT Crowd clips on Channel 4 and YouTube, I think you will get several belly laughs.  Nuff Said!

Link: The IT Crowd on IFC

Link: The IT Crowd on Channel 4

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