Friday, July 30, 2010

Jim Lee's Comic-Con 2010 Scavenger Hunt for Original DC Comics Sketches

Jim Lee's DC sketches for San Diego Comic-Con 2010 Scavenger Hunt

Jim Lee is a fun guy to follow on Twitter.  He loves doing sketches for fans.  Some pros have stopped doing them at cons, because some guys just turn around and auction the sketch on eBay for a quick profit.  Last Sunday, he hid a bunch of great sketches of DC Comics characters (Green Lantern, Batman, Catwoman, Superman, etc) at various places around the convention.  He's left them in all kinds of places, including the women's restroom at C2E2 earlier this year.  Usually people find these sketches within minutes of Jim's tweet.  What a fun idea!

Note: Some of these scavenger hunt sketches were from the C2E2 con, where Lee played the same game.

Jim Lee's Batman Sketch for C2E2

Batman.  I am sure Jim Lee can draw Bats in his sleep.  Classic.

Jim Lee's Flash sketch for C2E2 2010 Scavenger Hunt

Flash.  This is the one I wish I could have found.  Definitely if I ever meet Jim Lee in person, and he's willing to do a sketch, I will ask for the Flash!

Jim Lee's Wonder Woman sketch for C2E2 2010

Wonder Woman.  Jim Lee's wife @Joke2Far hid this one in a women's restroom.  They asked the guys not to go in there, probably hoping a female fan would pick it up.

Hey guys, this is the @jimlee00 sketch I found at Big Truck E... on TwitpicMet the lucky fans! They were (are) an adorable couple on TwitpicWe have a winner! Thanks for playing along! C2E2 on Twitpic

Here are some of the lucky winners!  The Wonder Woman winner is on the third pic, a cute couple who braved the restroom for the sketch. Nuff Said!

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