Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Metal Jesus Preaches the Love of the PS2 and Retro-Gaming

I'm a wasteful type of Dude.  I get tired of some gadget, game, or book and sell it, recycle, or throw it away.  I feel good for a while, like I removed a cancerous growth from some part of my body.  My old lady feels better because the house is less cluttered and everything is groovy.  A few months or a year later, I find myself wishing I hadn't gotten rid of this or that.  This happened to me recently with the Playstation 2.  I started thinking about how cool some of those games were.  And those games will probably never be replicated the same on the PS3.

I prayed and prayed about my long lost PS2.  Should I buy a PS2 Slim?  I really should not, because I have a ton of PS3 games with no time to play.  But it kept hammering in my mind, like a drumbeat:  ps2.  ps2.  Ps2.  PS2.  PS2.  PS2!  PS2!

Then I found Jesus.  This Jesus saves souls from the abyss of video-gaming.  Not the bowling alley Jesus, the guy called Metal Jesus, because Metal Jesus Rocks on YouTube.

This video review made me feel like I wasn't going coconuts.  Metal Jesus delivers a 10 minute SSX retrospective, covering the game that launched on the PS2 and defined that console for me.  Everything MJ says is right on.  SSX was fun, SSX Tricky turned up the heat with the tracks and celebrity voices, while SSX 3 is a masterpiece that will never be duplicated.  The game play, tracks, tricks, and most of--the soundtrack--will never be equaled in another snowboarding game.

MJ not only delivers an opinion that I totally love, it's the same opinion as mine.  That's why I love it!

MJ also gave a great overview of the Need For Speed series.  Did you know that NFS is the 5th best selling series of all time and sold 100 million copies?  Wow.  I love it, MJ loves it, the whole frackin' world loves this series.  At least until it went all Nitro.

I played each one of these games that MJ talks about, from the PC games to the PS1 and PS2.  NFS: Hot Pursuit 2 on the PS2 was a great one, and the clips that MJ showed justified my back-purchase of the PS2 even more.

If that's not enough, check out the Classic Game Room on YouTube.  This guy tries to upload a new game review video every day or so, both classic-retro and new games.  Ok, by the time I found this one, I am looking to double justify my insanity.  Black for the PS2 is gloriously fun: this shooter had excellent guns, enemies, and map designs.  No multiplayer, but I hate multiplayer, the Dude rocks these games solo.  Criterion (same company behind Burnout) made Black hoping for a franchise, but it didn't take.

Now let's say you are like me, you want to buy a PS2 slim.  In this video, Classic Game Room reviews the latest PS2 slim and goes over some of the differences between it and the first generation PS2.  Forget the new XBox man, the PS2 slim is the ultimate machine.

After 4 videos of classic gaming goodness, I was converted to the side of Metal Jesus.  I picked up a used PS2 Slim and all the games I wanted for less than $100.  I've been having a blast ever since.  No matter how frazzled I get, sliding down those SSX 3 slopes while listening to Kinky's Mas just cools me right off.  It also helps if I drink a White Russian at the same time.

And the voices have been quiet in my head ever since.  Except for the voice of Lucy Liu as Elise (Don't get snarky sparky!) When that happens, I just say: Nuff Said!

Link:  Metal Jesus Rocks on YouTube.

Link:  Classic Game Room on YouTube.

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