Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jim Lee Legion of Super-Heroes variants 1-5 joined together

Legion Jim Lee 1-3 variants joined together, rough cut

I've had a sneaking suspicion that Jim Lee's Legion of Super-Heroes variant covers fit together in some way.  But I couldn't quite see how.  The reason for that is that the covers are published out of order--in terms of historical eras.

Legion Jim Lee variants joined together, rough cut

Darr-el from Legion Archives produced this rough cut of the first five covers joined together.  Here is the order of the covers in chronological eras:

Legion of Super-Heroes #2:  Superboy, 50s era.
Legion of Super-Heroes #3:  Chameleon Kid, 60s era.
Legion of Super-Heroes #1:  Saturn Girl, 70s era.
Legion of Super-Heroes #5:  Timber Wolf, 80s era.
Legion of Super-Heroes #4:  Mon-El, 90s era.

Still to come...
Legion of Super-Heroes #6:  ??, 2010 era.
DC Comics had better be planning on releasing this as a poster.  I've already got a spot picked out for it!  BTW, you can read the original discussion on this topic over on the DC Comics message boards.  Nuff Said.

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