Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lost Locations Hummer Tour in Hawaii

Lost Tour Logs where Ana Lucia confronted Goodwin

I recently returned from a vacation in Hawaii (Oahu), where the big highlight of my trip was a Lost Hummer tour of the Kualoa Ranch on the northeast side of the island.  Kos Tours has exclusive access to the ranch, which has been privately owned since 1850.  The ranch has pristine green beauty and breathtaking views almost everywhere you look.  No wonder Lost uses many locations on this property!  We took the 2 hour Hummer tour, which was very well organized.  The guide was very well versed in Lost lore, and came prepared with Lost screen caps or movie clips to show us what happened at each location.  Above you can see my wife and I sitting on two logs, used in the season two episode where Ana Lucia confronts Goodwin.  We are trying to look angry, but just can't stop laughing.

Lost Tour Others Submarine Doc

The above picture was taken at the dock, used by the Dharma Initiative (as well as the Others) for the submarine.  Our guide had some neat photos of the submarine props that were placed in the water to make it seem real.

Lost Tour Picture with Hurley

One of the best locations was the one used for Hurley's Golf Tournament in season one.  We even got to take a picture with Hurley, as you can see here.  Of course, it isn't Jorge Garcia, it's a Todd McFarlane action figure!

Unfortunately, Lost wasn't filming the final season when we were there.  The guide told us of past sightings, like watching Jughead being assembled, and seeing young Ben walking around in a wounded condition.  I asked him about the Lost cast members.  As I suspected, actors like Terry O'Quinn or Michael Emerson are friendly, but Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly are very cold and distant.  I could tell this from various interviews the cast has given.  The guide said that Evangeline Lilly doesn't really care for the show and tried to leave Lost a few years ago.

I highly recommend the tour.  The 2-hour package was around $80 per person, and my wife, who is not a Lost fan at all, still had fun taking pictures at the gorgeous locales.  We did not get to see the famous Lost beach camp--that location is only available in the ten hour tour.  Check out the Kos Hummer Tours Hawaii website for more information.  Many thanks to Ryan from Lost the Transmission for recommending this company.  Nuff said.

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