Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jim Steranko Comic Collector covers with Talon and Jungle Queen

Steranko Comic Collector cover 1

In the 1970s, I was hungry for any magazine that covered comics and the movies I liked.  Jim Steranko's Comixscene magazine was published through his publishing company, Supergraphics, starting in 1972.  He covered not only comics, but movies and TV shows as well.  I remember that Steranko painted gorgeous posters of the big movies that were coming out at that time.  Pop culture was the topic, and Comixscene later was re-titled MediaScene. 

These magazines had a lot of tantalizing merchandise for sale in the ads.  One of these items, which I dearly coveted, but could not purchase, was Steranko's Comic Collector box.  This was before I knew about long boxes.  Steranko had a solution to comic book storage: put your comics in a standup box featuring his wonderful artwork.  The first box, that you see above, featured Talon, Steranko's barbarian character.  I think we only saw this character in articles and pin-ups.  No Talon stories were ever published.  If I am wrong, please let me know.  If I am right, what a shame, Talon was a great design for a sword and sorcery series.

Doesn't Talon's face look like a young Steranko?

On the spine, you can see a number of Golden Age looking characters, with a Shang Chi type of dude below them.

Steranko Comic Collector cover 2

The second box featured a jungle queen character, reminiscent of Sheena.  It's a great pose and she's sexy as hell.  Very regal too--even the Lion she's riding looks up admiring her. On the spine there are the classic monsters which were popular at Marvel during this period.

What stopped me from buying these to store my comics?  I did the math in my head as a kid.  I think I figured I had to spend $65 to store my entire collection.  That was a fortune back then.  Nuff said.

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