Friday, February 6, 2009

Cousin Dick Archives 2: The Badger #7, 1985

Heck, maybe you've already heard the crazy Cousin Dick phone calls on the 11 O'Clock Comic Podcast.  I've been on three episodes, the last one, episode 42 (my phone call is 30 minutes into the show), features my gettin' drugged by a Berkeley communist and readin' Final Crisis 7 afterwards.  I understood Grant Morrison for 24 hours, then after I de-toxed my brain with New Avengers hard covers, completely forgot the secrets of the new DC Universe.
It made me think back to the good ol days, when you could tell a boy was crazy by the cover image...
the badger 7 1985 first comics
The Badger #7, 1985!  I loved Mike Baron's writing, and on this series, he was really funny.  Norbert Sykes was a certified crazy loon with multiple personalities.  Just in this issue alone, he retreats back to a little girl (Emily), sees a poodle get dropped kick and snaps back into Badger mode, just in time to get laid.  Then he drop kicks some dude littering on the street and winds up in jail.  The Badger would call random people "Larry" and make cracks like, "Greetings from the land of beatings!"  And he would pal around with the ghost of Warren Oates.  How can you not love a guy like that?
I sure did back in 1985, when I was going to college.  I'd start drinkin' beer and figuring out how to express my love for the Badger in full redneck glory.  This is the result...
Cousin Dick's Badger letter
Ron's anti-communist girdle.  Getting rejected from the army because you are bowlegged.  Beyond the Beyonder.  That's stuff you can only arrive at with a six-pack of beer and a package of corn nuts.  I'd like to think Mike Baron read my letter and figured there was someone out there as crazy as the Badger.  Nuff said.

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