Sunday, April 14, 2019

Superman 13 (2019) cover progression by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado

The upcoming to cover to Superman 13, shipping in July 2019, has an iconic cover by Ivan Reis and inker Joe Prado. The colors are by Alex Sinclair.

The image relates to the "Unity" storyline where Superman is leading an intergalactic band through the galaxy. I am sure this somehow culminates in the birth of the United Federation of Planets, leading to the Legion of Super-Heroes in the future.

Joe Prado shared some behind the scenes look at the inking of this page, which he does on blue line paper. First he starts with the main character of Superman...

Then he goes crazy inking the miscellaneous background characters. Notice that Superman himself does not have all the black ink inside his chest / arms yet.

...and finally there is the fully inked page with the planet / outer soace in the background, the black areas fully inked inside Superman. It pops and creates a depth of field in black and white, even more so in color!

These guys are some of my favorite artists at DC and they have been working there over a decade! Nuff Said.

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