Sunday, December 23, 2018

Justice League Unlimited: Dark Heart

Ever since signing up for the DC Universe streaming service, I've been doing a rewatch of both Justice League animated series, the original and Unlimited. I've been making screencaps and gifs of my favorites scenes.

The 10th episode of Unlimited, Dark Heart, was written by Warren Ellis. It bears all of his trademarks:

  • A fascination with technology and science fiction - in this case, alien nano tech.
  • A simple way of explaining the threat: the entire planet about to overrun by nano bots!
  • A clever way of turning a relatively obscure/unused character into a hero who can deal with this problem: Ray Palmer, The Atom.
  • A good deal of light hearted humor.

Wonder Woman kicks a lot of ass in this episode. She's aggressive in fighting off the bots and transporting Ray Palmer to the ship containing the "Dark Heart" of the bots. At first she carries The Atom in her hand and then transfers him to a location any fan would love (she needs to punch things without damaging him).

In addition to the usual Justice League team, many other second and third tier DC Universe characters show up. One of my favorites has always been the Western character Vigilante. This singing cowboy crimefighter traded in a horse for a cycle and that appears here.

The very last scene has the camera pull back so you can see the wide array of DC Comics characters assembled on this team. The Shining Knight, Blue Devil, Vixen, Doc Midnight, Wildcat and many other characters. Even Aztek who was around during the Grant Morrison JLA era.

Nuff Said!

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