Sunday, July 9, 2017

Steve Rude on Jack Kirby's Metron, Orion, Big Barda!

I recently joined the Steve Rude fans page on Facebook where I found a number of New Gods related commissions...

Darkseid Orion by Steve Rude full color

Darkseid and Orion, father and son.


Metron! Holding a little Mother Box the X-Element (see this image and comment below) in his hand, very nice.

Orion vs Demon

Orion versus The Demon!

Big Barda

Big Barda.


Big Barda and Oberon!

Infinity Man by Steve Rude

Infinity Man.

Lashina by Steve Rude

Lashina, lashing out!

Nuff Said!


  1. What Metron is holding is even better than a Mother Box; it's an item from the most pivotal scene in his backstory:

    Whether the idea came from Steve or from the fan who made that commission, they definitely knew their New Gods lore.

    1. Curse me for a novice, I forgot about the X-Element! I need to re-read my Kirby New Gods volumes. Thank you!

    2. Now all we have to do is figure out how the Red Skull kept getting hold of the fershlugginer thing...

  2. No one grokked the essence of Kirby magic better than Rude. He doesn't copy the King, he invokes him. Amazing!

    Rip Off


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