Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Doc Savage Marvel Slurpee Cup

I've been displaying some of my Marvel Slurpee cups over on Giant-Size Marvel.  Here's one from the Marvel 1975 Slurpee set but it features a character who belongs to Pulp Fiction forever...Doc Savage!

Doc Savage Slurpee Cup

The Doc Savage Slurpee features the Man of Bronze racing off into action.  It may be hard to place the source of this illustration at first.  When Marvel published the Doc Savage color comic, the artwork was by Ross Andru, and this definitely is not an Andru drawing.

Doc Savage 01 1975 illustration by John Buscema and Tony DeZuniga

The source was from the first page of a novel length story in Doc Savage Magazine #1 in 1975.  Black and white, written by Doug Moench and drawn by John Buscema and Tony DeZuniga.  It was more of a pinup than part of the story, but they certainly got Savage fans going with the the subtitle "A Return to Greatness!"  By which I suppose they meant this version of Doc Savage was going to be closer to the original pulps by Kenneth Robeson (Lester Dent) than Marvel's previous attempt.  I thought the magazine was very good indeed at the time.

Doc Savage Slurpee Cup back

The back of the cup usually gives readers a glimpse into the this case spouting Doc's credo to fight for justice.  I think writing these blurbs was the hardest part of making these Slurpee cups.  You would hope that non-fans would be intrigued enough to buy Doc Savage Magazine.  Instead he comes across as a generic good guy.  He couldn't say, "I'm as rich as Howard Hughes and I live on top of the Empire State Building.  My crime fighting team consists of my golden sexy cousin Pat, a Ham lawyer and an ape-like Monk."

I don't think there was ever a Slurpee cup of The Shadow, was there?  I did a search and saw there was a Tarzan cup.  Nuff Said.


  1. It's nice to finally see a Doc Savage picture without his shirt being half ripped apart.

    1. Ha! Well the new Dynamite series looks like it will have plenty of shirt ripping.

    2. Ha! Well the new Dynamite series looks like it will have plenty of shirt ripping.


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