Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Martin Ansin Man of Steel Poster

This weekend, Mondo will be selling a limited run of this poster by Martin Ansin for the Man of Steel movie!

Martin Ansin Man of Steel Poster - Mondo

If you look carefully, Superman's pose is the same as the 1939 cover to Superman #1.  Mondo's website has all the details for this Man of Steel release.  It goes on sale this Friday at midnight through the weekend.

I almost thought this poster was by Alex Ross.  Ansin's previous work on Planet of the Apes and the Flash has knocked me out.  Nuff Said!

Alex Ross Superman 1 homage

Update:  Jason let me know that Ansin's Superman figure is a complete swipe from Alex Ross Superman painting from a number of years ago.  I knew that looked way too much like something I had seen before!  For an animated gif showing the overlay, see this page.


  1. Ansin swiped the image. Check it out:

    1. Thanks for letting me know! I knew that looked way too much like Alex Ross.


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