Sunday, May 26, 2013

Batman meets Elecktra by Frank Miller!

How about this for a nifty forgotten cover?  Amazing Heroes 69 from 1985 featured two great characters meeting on a dark and gritty night: Batman and Elecktra!

Amazing Heroes 69 Frank Miller cover Batman Elektra

This issue's main article featured two of Miller's highly anticipated projects: the world shattering Dark Knight prestige format series from DC and the graphic novel Elecktra Lives Again from Marvel.

Amazing Heroes 69 Batman Robin Carrie sketch

The article gave us some preview sketches on Miller's take on the Dark Knight, along with the new Robin, Carrie Kelly.

Amazing Heroes 69 Robin Carrie sketch by Frank Miller

I've always found these Miller sketches were influenced by the late great Carmine Infantino.  Particularly this page featuring Robin running, that seems very much like an Infantino pose.  The previous sketch featuring the two of them together reminds me of an Infantino pinup featuring the 1960s Batman.  Nuff Said!

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