Sunday, June 24, 2012

Gil Kane: World's Finest #289 1983 cover featuring Superman and Batman

How do you display two radically different heroes like Superman and Batman on the same cover?  A lot of World's Finest covers had Supes fighting someone like the Parasite while Batman battled Clayface.  Gil Kane took a different approach in this 1983 DC Comics cover.

More of a thematic image here:  Superman, flying over Metropolis (and having fun by his expression) while the specter of a somber Batman looks over the horizon of the city.  A great image that captures the essence of each character.  I think this made me want to buy the comic.  Although the story inside wasn't as good as the cover promised.

Here is the World's Finest #289 cover with color as originally published.  Kane didn't draw the main story but he did the Green Arrow / Black Canary back up tale.

Ironically enough, I just discovered the lead story for this issue was listed in Cracked's 8 Most Awkward Sexual Moments in Comic Book History (involving tentacle porn).  Sheesh!  Nuff Said!

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