Thursday, December 8, 2011

Flash variant covers by Jim Lee and Ivan Reis

The new Flash series has had some terrific variant covers.  I loved last month's Flash #3 cover by Jim Lee...

Flash 3 2012 Jim Lee variant cover

I wasn't entirely sure about the new Flash costume, but all the artists that have drawn it make it work.  The speed force effects on this cover, with the blue background, make the Flash pop out in the foreground.  If you want to see a version of this cover without the logo, take a look at Alex Sinclair's DeviantArt site.  I wish DC would release this as a poster.

Flash 3 2012 variant cover by Ivan Reis

Ivan Reis illustrated this cover to issue #2, a new take on Flash's costume spilling out in energy form to envelope his body.

Flash 1 variant cover by Ivan Reis and Tim Townsend

Over on Tim Townsend's Deviant Art page, I found this black and white inked version of the cover.  This is the first time Townsend has ever inked Reis...I think they make a great team.  Nuff Said!

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