Tuesday, July 26, 2011

State of the Superhero Shrine, 2011

Superhero Shrine 2011

I stopped the addiction of collecting action figures and statues long ago, but I did hang onto what I had collected during the past 20 years.  Here’s my small shrine at home.  Some of my co-workers recently gifted me with a Hallmark Thor Keepsake Ornament and a Captain America Keepsake.  On the latter, Cap is busting out of Avengers #4.  The ornament opens up to an actual comic book, mini-sized, with the Jack Kirby artwork inside.  A great gift.  Nuff Said!


  1. that's really cool. I love all the DC stuff, especially the Metal Men. & the missus bought me the two Vault books. the Marvel one's great.

  2. What a fun eclectic collection of mementos.....if you felt like taking a look, heres my collection of classic Marvel characters so far............love the site Richard, I always enjoy your posts!


  3. Dusty, your statue collection is Marvelous, no pun intended! I love it. You have a number of Bowen statues I always wanted. Love the Silver Surfer.

  4. That is cool. I envy your Spectre action figure. I can't find that one on toy stores.


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