Friday, June 24, 2011

Gene Colan Commissions: Flash, Wonder Woman, Silver Surfer, Shazam vs Dracula, Howard the Duck

I have been hoarding these scans of various Gene Colan commissions—most of them were done in 2000 or 2001.  I’d like to share them now to celebrate his life and memory.

Gene Colan Captain Marvel vs Dracula Commission inked by Jerry Ordway

Shazam! Captain Marvel versus Dracula, the most unlikely battle of all, inked by Jerry Ordway.

Gene Colan Flash Commission

The Flash!  After seeing this piece, I think Gene Colan had a very unique method of drawing speed—not only does the character look great, but the background blurs and warps around him.

Gene Colan Wonder Woman Commission

Wonder Woman. 

Gene Colan Silver Surfer Commission

Silver Surfer.

Gene Colan X-Men Commission

X-Men.  I love how he put romantic touch here with Jean Grey and Scott Summers in the center of all the chaos.

Gene Colan Howard the Duck commission

Howard the Duck on a skateboard! 2001.

There you go, I thought all of these commissions by Gene Colan were remarkable.  Nuff Said!


  1. Its looks like a calligraphy i think
    is it?


  2. Gene did the Dracula vs the original Capt.Marvel for me in early May 2001. A year later or two? I finally convinced Tom Palmer into inking it for me. Then I had my friend Jerry Ordway of Power of Shazam fame to do a light box version for me as well. Since he always wanted to ink Gene's pencils also. Gene was a truly great guy and gentle soul I miss you a lot my friend. A long with Herb Trimpe and Dave Cockrum. Dave did a Capt.Marvel vs the Creature of the Black Lagoon water color/marker piece for me too. Sadly I never got Herb to do a commission for me. I was going to have Herb do a story. Planned for the Hulk in 75 but he left the book and it never happened. It was annouced in the Comic Reader the Hulk was going to battle Colossus of the New X-Men in the Hulk comic.


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