Monday, March 14, 2011

Cover Progression: Amazing Spider-Man #150 by Gil Kane

From time to time I like to display cover progressions, from sketch to final cover, and it’s always great when I find stuff from the Silver Age of Comics.  Here is a nice one, from Amazing Spider-Man #150 in 1975.

Amazing Spider-Man 150 cover blue line

The cover was by Gil Kane, who drew the interior story penned by Archie Goodwin.  The above image was the cover prelim.  I am not sure if this was actually used at Marvel back in 1975, or was the cover sketch below just placed under the cover copy by a fan?

Amazing Spider-Man 150 cover sketch

I believe this image was the actual cover sketch idea by Kane.  The pose that Kane frames Spider-Man in is a classic one for the artist, showing the hero in “mental agony” as he is besieged by the members of his rogues gallery.  They are all just demons in his own mind.

Amazing Spider-Man 150 cover by Gil Kane 1975

The final cover in full color.  This wondrous 150th issue was a real landmark, though we wouldn’t realize it until 250 issues in the future when the Clone Saga began.  After fighting his own clone in the previous issue, Peter Parker asked the question, am I the original or carbon copy?  He tore up the results of the analysis and took the answer on faith, which came back to bite him in the end.  Lesson learned: don’t accept faith, always get it in writing!

Check out the Gil Kane Unchained page on Facebook for more sketches!  Nuff Said.

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