Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tarzan by Archie Goodwin and Gil Kane

Tarzan and the Runaway by Archie Goodwin and Gil Kane July 1979

I’ve been reading comics for a long time and my knowledge of the mainstream is pretty deep.  Yet every once in a while I stumble upon something old that is new.  A perfect example is this, Tarzan Sunday newspaper strips by Archie Goodwin and Gil Kane—I had no idea that they ever worked on this character!  The strip above, from July 1979, kicked off a storyline titled The Runaway, about a spoiled brat who gets lost in the jungle.  It’s up to Tarzan to save his butt and teach him a few valuable lessons about life.

Tarzan and Zugor the Ape by Archie Goodwin and Gil Kane Oct 1980

The strips all have storylines that played out over a few months of Sundays.  The other storyline I read, titled Zugor the Ape, features Tarzan in New York City.  I was blown away by the craftsmanship of these strips.  The stories by Goodwin are well paced and suited for an all ages audience.  The artwork by Gil Kane plays to his strengths, giving him a chance to draw plenty of action from interesting perspectives.  Take a look at the bridge sequence here, very smart use of angle shots in small panels.  Click on the link below for more Tarzan strips.  Nuff Said!

Link: Gil Kane Unchained page on Facebook

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