Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Black Canary pin-ups by Bruce Timm and some fashion commentary

Black Canary by Bruce Timm

Here are a couple Black Canary pin-ups by Bruce Timm that I recently discovered.  These may not be new to you, but they are to me!  Another guy named Tim had a lot of comments on Canary’s classic outfit:  With fishnets, the wider the weave, broader the weave, the more vulgar the look is going to be. Any guesses* as to who that other Tim was?

Black Canary by Bruce Timm  color 2009

Timm very much is into a style that screams Femme Fatale and Black Canary fits that type of character very well in these pin-ups.  She resembles Veronica Lake, the movie star from the 1940s.  Of course, Veronica didn’t run around in tights and lingerie fighting crime.  But she could have been an inspiration for Canary’s creators—clearly she had an impact on Timm and Darwin Cooke.

*Tim Gunn from Bravo TV’s Project Runway.  He critiqued Black Canary’s outfit in the first episode of Crazy Sexy Geeks.  Timm called Canary “a tramp” and made the acute observation that fishnets send “a very powerful sexual message”.  I think we geeks already knew that, right?  Nuff Said!

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