Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Brian Bolland Wonder Woman cover from Amazing Heroes 197

Following up yesterday’s Flash covers by Bolland with this classic portrait of Wonder Woman, which was originally featured on Amazing Heroes #197 from 1991. 

Amazing Heroes 197 1991 Wonder Woman cover by Brian Bolland

I was thinking of Wonder Woman because of Rich Johnston’s story on Bleeding Cool about David Kelley’s pilot script for the TV pilot.  This show will either by an Ally Beal sized hit or a great disaster, we will have to see.  Any TV show would have to change Wonder Woman’s story somewhat—the comic series itself has never been consistent in giving her a private life and supporting cast of characters.  The biggest thing I find troubling in Kelley’s script is this bullet point from Johnston’s article:
Long ago, government man Steve Trevor crashed onto Wonder Woman’s island and brought her back to New York, but now they’ve split up. She still loves him, though, and it’s obvious that their relationship is going to be a focus.
Very troubling.  Wonder Woman should be about independence and self-reliance, not pining away after Steve Trevor, who hasn’t been featured at all in the comics for over a decade.  Nuff Said!

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