Monday, January 24, 2011

New Justice League, Wonder Woman, Black Canary pin-ups by José Luis García-López

Justice League of America cover by José Luis García-López for Hero Initiative

José Luis García-López has a nice Facebook gallery, where I found this great new Justice League cover that did recently for Hero Initiative.  Not sure if this is a old or new Hero Initiative cover project, but covers like this one will certainly do well.

Wonder Woman by José Luis García-López

José had a few more pin-ups that I really liked, especially this downward angle shot of Wonder Woman flying in the air.  It’s just astonishing to me how well García-López portrays this character, with classic grace and beauty.

Black Canary by José Luis García-López

This one of Black Canary in her original costume is butt-kicking beautiful.  An upward angle shot, just the opposite of the WW pic.  As Nancy Sinatra said, those boots were made for walking all over you!

I’m not quite privileged enough to José’s friend on Facebook, but super-fan Jerry Whitworth is and Liked his picture so that his friends could see it.  Thanks, Jerry, you helped bring some Silver Age freshness into my day.  Nuff Said!

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