Sunday, January 16, 2011

Marvel Comics Wallpapers for the Sony Reader and Amazon Kindle

Sony Reader Red Nails by Barry Smith

I’m always a nut whenever I get a new device with a nice display that has a screensaver function.  I bought the Sony Reader 650 last summer, and after I loaded it up with books, the second thing I did was to get some cool wallpapers on it.  The first thing I thought of, for some strange reason, was that Barry Smith’s black and white artwork from Red Nails in Savage Tales #2 would look perfect on the pearl e-ink screen.  And it does!  It looks much better than my screenshot above.

Dr Strange Golden Starlord_Wrightson Man_Thing_Sketch_by_heathencomics

I started looking for other high quality pen and ink illustrations that would work well on the Sony Reader.  I found quite a few from my collection of scans on Giant-Size Marvel.  The Doctor Strange portfolio cover by Michael Golden was a natural.  Perhaps the best one out of all is Berni Wrightson’s Starlord illustration.  Gabriel Hardman’s Man-Thing also looks frighteningly good.

Captain America 193 Marvel Premiere 1 cover by Gil Kane Conan Annual 1 1973

Then I started wishing I could have some classic comic book covers on the device.  I took these covers and used a program called Paint.NET to drain the color out.  I think they look pretty good.

If you are interested in non-comics wallpapers, you can look at this set on Photobucket tagged Kindle, and this thread on Kindle Boards.  I mix and match these images with comics related themes.  You just cannot have too many images of the Fall season, dead leaves just look superb in greyscale.

I have many more comic related wallpapers.  Please visit my Flickr set titled Wallpapers for Sony Reader & Amazon Kindle.  Happy reading!  Nuff Said.

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