Sunday, October 31, 2010

Phantom Stranger and the Monster of Frankenstein by Mike Kaluta

The Phantom Stranger series from the 1970s holds a special place in my heart.  Most of the stories were self-contained tales of mystery/horror/suspense where the Stranger was often a supporting character.
The Phantom Stranger 26 cover by Mike Kaluta
The Phantom Stranger #26 was the most unusual issue out of the entire run.  The Stranger took a key role in the story and actually crossed-over with the backup series, The Spawn of Frankenstein.  DC Comics' version of Frankenstein isn't as memorable to me as Marvel Comics take on the character.  But I have always loved this cover by Michael Kaluta, featuring the Monster chasing a woman on a ledge decorated with gothic creatures.  The simplicity, the angle of the shot, and the Stranger's silhouette are perfect.  Happy Halloween!  Nuff Said!


  1. Hee, the Phantom Stranger looks like a piece of graffiti. And there's 'the girl in the white nightdress' - I was only just reading about her over at Gorilla Daze ... did you confer? ;)

  2. No, we didn't confer, I guess great minds think alike! Thanks dude!

  3. Great use of white space in the cover design.

    1. I wonder if the colors were by Kaluta or someone else. A pink sky seems weird now.


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