Friday, October 22, 2010

Borderlands: So good it should be illegal.

Borderlands video game by Gearbox

I bought Borderlands (XBox 360) yesterday, popped in the disk at 11pm thinking I'd play an hour before going to sleep.  When I stopped it was 1:30am.

This game is irresistible if you loved the loot-gathering of Diablo and you get off on the kickback of a gun firing.  The enemy AI leaves something to be desired, but the gun combinations are terrific.  I got a pistol last night that fires incendiary bullets and a grenade mod that splits your grenade up into separate little mini-grenades.  This is only just the beginning, as I'm only at Level 7.

Jeff Gerstmann's review of Borderlands on Giant Bomb really convinced me that I would love this game.  I like to play games mostly on my own, and this game works well either single player or with friends.  A number of critics detail Borderlands good vs bad points, but only Gerstmann accurately described the crystal meth level of addiction that Borderlands can inspire.  Nuff said.

BTW, Fanboy Radio fans will be pleased to know that Oliver Tull is the voice of the Soldier character, delivering funny lines like "Now that's what I call a head shot!" Nuff said.

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