Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Legion of Super-Heroes pinup by Steve Lightle, Re-mastered for the 21st Century

If you are a Legion fan, no doubt you already have this book called Legion of Super-Heroes: 1050 Years of the Future.  It has a lot of great Legion stories and memories, but it also has some of the greatest illustrations, re-colored with modern techniques.

Legion of Super-Heroes by Steve Lightle

This pin-up by Steve Lightle is a great representation of the mid-80s era of the Legion.  You've got a character that Lightle co-created, Quislet, front and center.  But you've also got Timber Wolf, Light Lass, Mon-El, and my favorite Legionnaire, Dawnstar.

Now I had to really think about where this piece first appeared.  I searched through all my Legion back issues and came up with nada.  But the answer was on the table of contents in the Legion book.

Steve Lightle print from History of the DC Universe portfolio, 1986

Steve Lightle's illustration was a part of the 1986 History of the DC Universe portfolio.  This portfolio was published to co-incide with the History of the DC Universe prestige series by Marv Wolfman and George Perez.  It also celebrated the birth a new DC Universe...one that would actually destroy the Legion team that I loved.  Thanks to Geoff Johns, all that evil has been undone. Nuff Said!

Link: Legion of Super-Heroes: 1050 Years of the Future

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