Thursday, July 23, 2009

Legion of Three Worlds 5: A Legion Fan's wet dream ends, Bouncing Boy gets many wives

Legionnaires assemble in Legion of Three Worlds #5
If you're a Legion of Super-Heroes or George Perez fan, you've probably devoured Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #5 by now.

All in all, this mini-series was a super duper roller-coaster ride, a true gift for Legion fans who waited decades to see the classic versions of these characters return.  It had more resurrections than Resurrection Man, a good one (Kid Flash) and a clumsy one (Superboy).

You can understand why the last issue of this series was delayed.  It's packed with to wall to wall action and tons of characters.  The double page spread, shown above, of Legionnaires from alternate universes banding together to fight Time Trapper (an older version of Superboy Prime) was spectacular.  I can only name about 70% of the characters.  My favorite is Saturn Girl on the lower right, in her swinging 1970s swimsuit.
There were more endings in this final issue than in Peter Jackson's Return of the King.  Here are some of those and other great moments that I liked.

Luornu is Duplicate Damsel and Bouncing Boy is ecstatic
  • Luornu Durgo and Chuck Taine show up before the whole shebang is over.  Is she Triplicate Girl?  Duo Damsel?  No, Geoff Johns amped up her power in a spectacular way--now she is Duplicate Damsel!  Fantastic.  We always thought Chuck had a good deal with 2 or 3 versions of his wife.  Now he can have a real harem all to himself.  Just look at the shit-eating grin on Bouncing Boy's face.  No wonder he had a third honeymoon!
  • Superboy Prime's final fate.  Geoff Johns breaks the fourth wall in a manner similar to Grant Morrison's Animal Man finale.  It's a fate worse than death, to go from super-villain to being trapped in your Mom's basement, as the ultimate comic fan!  Wonder if he posts on Newsarama message boards?
  • White Witch defeating Mordru  and becoming the Black Witch.  Was that Alan Scott (Golden Age Green Lantern) trapped on the wall in Sorcerer's World?
  • The return of the Green Lantern Corps in the future is good stuff.  Only one problem for the present timeline.  Whatever happens, Sodam Yat cannot die during any Green Lantern storyline.  It would ruin the end of this story.
  • I can't keep track of where all the various version of the Legion are being sent on the cosmic treadmills.  Can some make a Visio diagram for me?
  • Brainiac 5 running off to get a haircut was the cherry on top of the cake. 
I'll be buying the hardcover collection of this series for sure.  Where will the Legion appear next in the DC Universe?  I thought it would be Adventure Comics, but apparently that is the home of Superboy and Starman.  Perhaps there will be an announcement this week in San Diego.  Nuff said.

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  1. I recently re-read this in hardback...and yes, yes that did indeed look like Alan Scott trapped in the wall on Sorcerers World. Raven too, in the same panel.

    And the other guy at the top looks like J'onn, but I bet it's someone else...probably someone that I should recognize. :/


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