Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Black Canary on JLA Monitor Duty: pin-up by Terry Austin

From the depths of my long boxes, I discovered the Comic Art Convention 1978 souvenir book, which has this great pin-up of Black Canary by Terry Austin:

Black Canary pinup by Terry Austin 1978 Comic Art Convention

Black Canary looks terrific in her fishnets, as usual.  But what is great about this piece is the subtle humor.  What is it like doing monitor duty on the Justice League satellite.  When Starro isn't launching an assault against Earth, JLA monitor duty is pretty boring and lonely. 

There's a pot of coffee and cups on the upper right.  On the lower left is a clipboard with a list of names checked off for duty: Aquaman, Atom, and Batman have already served their time before Dinah.  On the floor, you can see the various methods Canary used to pass the time: Crossword puzzles, Vogue magazine, and a book (Lord of the Rings).  I love Terry Austin's humor and attention to detail.  Nuff said.

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