Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Superman #400 Pin-Up Gallery: Bolland, Wrightson, Kirby, Byrne, Chaykin

On July 4th, I posted a Steranko page from Superman #400.  There were a number of great artists that editor Julie Schwartz snagged for drawing pin-ups in this landmark 1984 issue.  Here are just a few of them...

Superman 400 cover by Howard Chaykin

Howard Chaykin painted a wonderful cover with all the classic elements of Superman's origin.

Superman 400 pinup by Berni Wrightson

Here's probably my favorite and most off-beat pinup, by Berni Wrightson.  I always wanted to see Wrightson tackle Superman.  I think he did a wonderful job by focusing on Kal-El's face here.

Superman 400 pinup by Jack Kirby

Jack Kirby provided a nice Superman illustration--inked by Terry Austin.

Superman 400 pinup by Brian Bolland

Brian Bolland's pinup freeze frame's another famous Superman motif--taking off his business man uniform to reveal the S emblem.

Superman 400 pinup by John Byrne

John Byrne, a Marvel creator, was even allowed to draw this pinup of his favorite character.  This was a portent of things to come--Byrne would take over Superman just two years later in 1986 with the Man of Steel limited series!

You can see a few more pinups on my Flickr Superman set.  You can also read the story behind Superman 400, plus a number of full story pages, at superman.nu.  I am amazed at how many websites/blogs actually repost full scans of every single page of comics.  Nuff said.

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