Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jeff Parker Brings Back Thundra in Hulk Raging Thunder

Hulk Raging Thundra

Hulk: Raging Thunder features a really cool story by Jeff Parker, featuring my favorite Femizon, Thundra!  As you can see in the backup story, Thundra first appeared in Fantastic Four #133, coming from an alternate dimension (where women ruled the world) to challenge Ben Grimm in super-powered battle of the sexes.  In this new story, Thundra challenges the Hulk, but it's not what you expect at all!

Thundra's Sisterhood

Parker actually takes the silly events of the past Thundra stories and makes something a little deeper out of them!  Thundra is making trips into Marvel Earth and filming her battles against super-powered males to appease the United Sisterhood.  As Thundra's assistant says:  "These encounters boost morale all the way to the borderlands.  They do not need to know the real purpose."  Thundra's past encounters with the Thing, which developed into a friendship, were kept hidden from her subjects.  The videos taken with her recorder are edited into a propaganda type of film that makes Thundra look like the victor, no matter what transpires.

Thundra Smacks Hulk

Thundra trades some good blows with the Hulk.  But it really is not a fight that Thundra can hope to win, she has an ulterior motive.  I can't spoil the ending (let us say it has something in common with Skaar), but I was genuinely surprised.  If you're a Thundra fan, pick up this book.  Jeff Parker rocks!  Nuff said.

Link: Jeff Parker Inteview on Wizard World about Thundra.

Link: Jeff Parker's website.

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